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Terre Haute, IN.







Billie Allen is a loving, loyal, Son, Husband, Brother, Cousin, Nephew, and a good Friend! He’s also an Artist, Writer, and Poet! Unfortunately, alongside all of the great attributes; Billie is also the property of the the Federal Government, and has been for the last 15 years.

Billie has been held captive on Indiana’s Terre Haute Federal Death Row for a robbery-murder that he did NOT commit. 

Billie was FORCED to embark on an INVOLUNTARY journey that in no way is for the faint-hearted, nor for one who lacks faith. Billie’s walk is equivalent to that of Peter in the Bible(Mt 14:29). His Faith is what has sustained him all of these years.

He’s fighting for his freedom by trying to expose the TRUTH…The Government’s TRUTH…

On this journey, it was the The Government’s own DNA testing that EXCLUDED him from the crime, yet Billie is still looking DEATH in the face everyday!












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